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About Me

Music, and singing in particular, is so important to so many. It brings joy, expression and healing. Sharing it is a gift and Merrily has experienced great success sharing her knowledge and passion with students of all ages. Whether a student is 5 or 75, she has a way of connecting, supporting and teaching so that each person can achieve their singing goals. Her dedication and compassion for each student is genuine and she revels in their success and shares their challenges.


Her teaching style is structured, but not stressful. She cultivates an atmosphere of safety, something she believes is essential for learning and progressing, with a strong dose of fun and playfulness. She loves helping students achieve the results they want. It brings her great satisfaction and joy to watch each person blossom and step into new levels of confidence as they find their full voice.

“A bird doesn’t sing because he has the answer – he sings because he has a song.” Joan Walsh Anglund (it is often mistakenly attributed to Maya Angelou)
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