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The Program

The best way to get started is to book ​​an orientation session. During this first session, we will take a few minutes to get acquainted before I explain the program and what you can expect to do and achieve. I will also demonstrate and record the essential vocal drills that you’ll be starting with on an MP3 CD for you to take home.

If you’re booking the orientation for a child, please know that parents are welcome to sit in at this time if they want to. Sometimes parents want to see how their child will respond before committing to the program. It's typical that a lesson schedule is set up once we finish the orientation and we are all ready to move forward.

​Lessons typically run weekly in 6 week blocks. During this six week commitment, you can expect to experience guaranteed results​from this amazing program.  ​Most all students notice vocal improvements in just 3 weeks! Each lesson lasts 45 minutes to one hour depending on the focus and endurance of the student. The time always goes fast and students enjoy getting the most out of each session.

Every week we create a customized vocal workout CD that reviews the vocal drills and includes ​ songs​ ​that we are working on. Singing along with the CD at least 3 times per week does the job! Most of my students like practicing along to the CD in their car, but anywhere works.​ I have many students that practice 5 or more days a week because they can hear and feel the changes happening in their voices and in the way it feels to sing. Each practice takes under 10 minutes.

The Technique is athletic and the voice responds quickly to this kind of training. As a coach, I try to make the lessons fun, while ensuring that progress is being made. Each lesson is personalized to where the student is physically, vocally and mentally. A willingness to be loud is a key element that is needed for this system to deliver powerful results. Don’t worry if you’re shy at first, I promise we will work until it feels great to sing out loud.

Due to the Covid 19 situation, all sessions are conducted via Zoom or Face Time. Text or email me for further information so we can schedule your orientation and get started!

Orientation: $90.00

Individual Lesson $80.00

Inquire about six-week discounts

Performance Class/Sing Club

Once a student has completed 6-12 weeks of coaching, and I feel they’re ready, I invite them to a Vocal Performance Sing Club. This club was created to integrate vocal and performance skills in an ultra-supportive, small group setting with my other vocal students. There are both adults and kids, and people at all levels of vocal mastery. The club meets once a month and students get to perform songs on a mic with a professional keyboard player before an audience of their peers. At first, some people are intimidated, but soon they’re so encouraged and supported by other students that they can’t wait to share what they’ve learned. It’s definitely an evening we all look forward to. We all pitch in and pay our professional musician. I coach, you shine. We sing!

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