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The Program

The method I teach is unconventional and athletic and the Voice responds quickly to this kind of training. It's a highly effective way of building your voice no matter what your age or whether you have previous singing experience. Improvement for beginners, intermediates and Pros is both consistent and rewarding.


I also work with people who want to strengthen their speaking voice and have no interest in singing. The voice is one of our most important self expression tools and just like an athlete in training - we work to bring it to peak power and agility.


I keep the lessons fun and light, while ensuring that progress is being made. Each lesson is personalized to where the student is physically and mentally. A willingness to be loud... is a key element that is needed for this system to deliver strong results. Singing and speaking with greater ease and ability, builds a confidence that remodels our relationship to our voice. This program liberates the voice, unleashes new levels of self expression and ultimately contributes to greater self empowerment!


Protecting and caring for the vocal cords is front and center in my Program. We develop a rich and pure tone where the muscles of the vocal mechanism function at their best to produce an ideal quality voice, with natural projection. Pitch and breath control become more accurate for the student when this particular method is applied to their practice. For younger students, great care is taken to make sure we develop their voice correctly and never strain it.

In my program, we meet for a private session once a week for a minimum  of 6 weeks (travel and holidays are taken into account), so you can reach the guaranteed results and get the most value from your investment of time and money. I assure you, my students notice improvements in just 2 weeks, when they apply themselves and the results last! Each lesson goes anywhere from 48 minutes to 58 minutes depending on your focus and endurance. We will accomplish a tremendous amount in that time.


If you are interested in scheduling our 1st meeting (the fee is $100 - allow a full hour+), this is what we call the Orientation. We will see how we work together (if it's a good fit) and I will introduce you to my method, give you the fundamental drills and lots of educational info. You can record the session on your phone or through Zoom on your computer.

No one is asked to sing at that time - unless they just want to! After the Orientation, we will discuss if you want to sign up for the weekly private sessions ($90 each) and get you scheduled.

Orientation $100

Individual Sessions $90

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